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Wedding Dances

Have you always wanted to dance a special dance on your special day?

We can arrange a dance to a song that has a special meaning for you or we can help you find a piece of music.

We can offer dances such as latin,ballroom,disco,salsa even line dancing.

We recommend that you  begin at least eight weeks before your special day. However, even if you're getting married tomorrow, we can still put something together for you - Give us a call.

You can choose to take the clsses in half houyr or hour sessions. Each  half an hour session, is £20 per couple.

We can teach you in a venue of your choice,  but I have availability for many venues in Somerset.  
If you just want to have a chat about what's involved, please contact us.
First Dance for our Wedding
We are in the very early stages of learning a routine for our 'First Dance' at our Wedding. After listening to what we would like to achieve, Julie has many fresh ideas and is able to ensure that the dance we do will fit onto the dance floor (as they all vary in size and can make an impact on a dance), yet at the same time making our dance routine look good and having that WOW factor.  
Love Kye & Dave x